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Active Building Inc

Active Building Inc is a limited company operating in the field of construction, having its seat in the capital of Bulgaria - Sofia. The potential of our specialists and their experience in the implementation and management of infrastructure projects, as well as the established partnerships with Bulgarian and international companies, justify our ambitions to participate in a big scale projects in Bulgaria, the other Balkan countries and the Middle East.
Our main goals are strengthening the image of the company by establishing a strong market presence and implementing international practices and policies for quality of work.

Our Main Projects

"Active Building Inc." Ltd. participates individually and in partnership with other companies in the execution of the following projects


actively participates in the social and civil dialogue
"Active Building Inc.” Ltd. actively participates in the social and civil dialogue with consistent action to create economic stability and social security.
Donation policy is with priority on enhancing road safety, education of children in compliance with traffic rules as well as providing support for children with socio-economic disadvantages.
Active participation and support of regional, national and sectoral business association and integration of efforts to create a favorable business climate.
Active Building Inc maintains good trade relations and partnerships with well-known companies in various sectors of the construction industry. Main objective of the management and the team is Active Building Inc to become a preferred contractor and a trusted partner for execution of projects both in Bulgaria and abroad.

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